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Vuori Leggings

Vuori Leggings

When you are working out you want to wear comfortable clothing that is designed specifically for taking part in activities. You don’t want to feel restricted by your clothing, yet you want to be able to move properly throughout your workout. Vuori leggings are the ideal solution for every type of fitness activity. Vuori leggings are made from high-quality materials that are designed to provide you with comfort and style.

About Vuori Leggings

Vuori leggings are made to be comfortable for a workout or yoga class yet ideal for just staying at home on the weekends. The Willa Legging has elastic at the waist and cuffs and comes in navy or black camo in women’s sizes XS through XL.  

The Omni leggings are made with a premium stretch jersey that feels soft and comfortable. They are designed for yoga but are also ideal for hiking, jogging, running and lounging. The fabric is highly compressive, and the fit of the pants is full length. They have a slightly high rise that looks good on all figure types. The fabric is made to help manage moisture and dries quickly.

The Asymmetric Block legging is made of lightweight, ultra-soft premium fabric that is made of 8% polyester and 12% spandex. They are made to wick moisture away from the body and are quick drying. They have 4-way stretch for a perfectly comfortable fit on everyone. They have a side contrast panel on the leg and asymmetrical cuffs.

The Asymmetric Block legging is available in Bordeaux or black/charcoal in sizes XS through XL for women. The fit is ideal for all types of workouts including yoga, Pilates, running and general exercise. The high waist and large, soft cuffs just may make these the most comfortable leggings you may ever own.

About Vuori Clothing

Vuori clothing is both comfortable and stylish. At the same time, it performs well during activities. Vuori clothing is designed in Southern California and has the coastal vibe that makes it trendy and comfy. The word Vuori means mountain, but the clothing is designed for all types of activities. It is at home on the track, in the yoga studio or relaxing on your couch.

They have the philosophy that your life isn’t one-dimensional, and your clothes shouldn’t be one-dimensional either. The brand is known as a quality clothing line that is designed to inspire people in all aspects of their lives. Each design is carefully chosen to allow for movement during exercise with the proper fit at all times. The clothes are aesthetically pleasing and lend an effortless look to your wardrobe.

You will find that these are some of the most comfortable workout clothes that you have ever worn. You will enjoy them so much that you will want to wear them all the time. You can buy several pairs of leggings in different styles and colors, so you will always have a pair available to wear. Choose a pair of Vuori leggings for your next workout, yoga class or evening at home.