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Griffin | Premium Braided Lightning Cable


Griffin's Premium Charge/Sync Cables are designed for long, reliable life, then built with more durable materials and connectors.

Charge from all the way across the room – This 1.5-meter, extra-long Lightning cable lets you charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from nearly anywhere in the room, or all the way in the back seat of your car, truck, SUV or stretch limo.

Easier USB Connection – Griffin’s premium cables uses a quick-connecting reversible USB plug that plugs into ANY USB-A port. No matter how you hold it, It’s the easier-to-plug-in USB connector.

Long-life materials - Super-durable cable jackets covered in nylon braiding won’t kink, while aluminum encases the USB connectors to protect them from physical stresses that cab lead to early cable failure.

Torture tested, ultra durable – Premium cables are subjected to bend testing of 10,000 cycles and environmental testing. The result is a premium cable that’s built for longer, more reliable life.

Lifetime Guarantee - Our Premium Charge/Sync Cable will connect, charge and sync your devices for as long as you own them. If it fails, we’ll replace it. No questions asked.

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