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Grown Alchemist | Nourishing Conditioner 0.6 500mL

Grown Alchemist

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A highly effective conditioner that is perfect for everyday use. It helps maintain and enhance a healthier shine, strengthening, disentangling, and softening while protecting the hair shaft.

Contains Bush Tomato and Vitamin C rich in serine and Lycopene to disentangle and increase the manageability of the hair, aid in styling and leave hair soft and supple.

Vitamins A and K from Black Pepper deliver Antioxidants increasing circulation and nourish the scalp.

Polyphenols from Green Tea maintain a healthy shine providing rich Antioxidants.

Bisabolol from Chamomile helps soothe, nourish and accelerate the treatment of damaged hair.

Lavender and Myrtle extracts keep the hair moisturised, protecting the hair shaft against drying.

Apply to wet washed hair, massage lightly into the hair, particularly on the ends. If your hair is damaged or dry leave in for one minute for maximum penetration, rinse throughly.

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